Comment from participant in Pattern Changing Group

I'v been to alot of different groups and this one is by far the best.

Comments from participants in Men's Group

 This has been and will continue to be a life altering experience. Thanks Mike.

Thanks for your care and concern.  Keep up the valuable work.

 Comments received from participants in Parenting Group

 Thank you, I am so grateful for your excellent no cost support and information.  I, and my family, honestly was in crisis and needed immediate help.  Thank you

I believe this course helped me at being a better parent in many ways.  I now see what I was doing wrong and what I can do to get on the right track.  Also helped my relationship with my partner a lot, less fighting over how we deal with the kids.  Thank you very much for your help.

I found the sessions gave me many ‘ah-ha’ moments and I was able to apply the theory to current behaviours (both mine and the child’s) immediately.  In some cases I was reassured when experiencing self-doubt.  I would recommend this course to anyone who is parenting or care giving a child.  Thank you for an excellent course.

 Comment received from client  Aug 2011

 I was grateful to work with Stephanie in Hope over the last year and wanted to say a special thank you to the Ann Davis Services for allowing this to happen. Thanks to your wonderful services provided to women and communities I was able to benefit from some much needed therapy and integrative work that Stephanie provided or me.  Her work, patience, understanding and non-judgment allowed for me to work through my “stuff” and realize many things.  I am extremely grateful for this.  I feel more balance, I understand myself better, and know why and how I have become the person I am today.  So with much gratitude and appreciation I am extending heartfelt thanks to you Stephanie,  as well as the Ann Davis Services for being there for me during a critical time in my life.  Thank you!!

 Card received from client April 2011 

To all the staff @ Ann Davis - You must have some days when you wonder why you came to work today. Please take a moment when those days come to remember how grateful we are that you came to work that day. You are our stars when our skies are the darkest. 

Thank you to all of you for all you do! 


Yes there is a Santa, and he's called Ann Davis

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