Ann Davis Society Family Time Visits Program

This program enables safe, neutral, child-centered visits with a visiting parent or family member.   The focus of the Family Time Visits Program is to create a positive experience for the child.

The Benefits of Family Time Visits

  • Encouraging both parents to put the needs of their child first
  • Allowing children a conflict-free time with their parent/family member
  • Treating both parties with equal respect and without judgement
  • Eliminates direct contact between parents
  • Supervisors intervene only when necessary to ensure child safety
  • The child is never left unattended with the visiting parent
  • It’s an opportunity to demonstrate good parenting skills

Visit supervisors do not take sides, offer legal advice, assist with court documents or explain court processes.

Family Time Visits facilitates parental access but we cannot enforce court ordered access.

What to expect from FTV:

  • We communicate individually with all parties to schedule visits.
  • Client and child confidentiality.
  • A trained visit supervisor to observe and monitor the interactions between child/ren and the visiting parent/family member.
  • Professionalism and neutrality.
  • Advocacy for the child’s emotional and physical safety.
  • Intervention, redirection, prompting parents or ending a visit to maintain a child’s safety and well-being.
  • A factual objective visit report.