Children In Between

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Children In Between is a program designed to sensitize parents to the many ways in which their children can be caught in the middle of their relationships emotional strife. The purpose of this program is to teach parents how to support and assist their children as they adopt to changing family relations, and support children to articulate their needs. The program also teaches the child(ren) ways to tell the parents that they are being put in-between, as well as to identify areas where this commonly occurs.

Research shows that over 60% of children who experience their parents’ separation or divorce have adjustment difficulties and may feel unhappy, angry, dissatisfied with life, depressed and deeply lonely. But most of the damage is caused not by the divorce itself, but the on-going conflict between the parents.

The goals of the program are to empower children by providing a safe, non-judgmental environment while working to develop social skills and encourage communication.


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